Re: Pitivi release in the very near future (or not)

I didn't expect to update you this soon, but the maintainer confirmed they postponed the release for one week.

Happy translating/proofreading!

Le mar. 13 oct. 2020 à 14:14, Thibault Martin <mail thibaultmart in> a écrit :

Pitivi maintainers have released 2020.09 version a few days ago. I reached out to the maintainer to ask them to notify us next time, and asked if they expected a .1 release anytime soon.

The maintainers were about to release it. I asked them to postpone it for one week to leave us some time to properly translate and proofread Pitivi. Today the discussion is not done, but the maintainers would like to postpone the release as asked. They also have other constraints, including deadlines set by distributions to have their packages integrated.

The maintainers will reach out to distributions packagers to see whether they can postpone the release by one week indeed. In the meantime, I think we probably should update and proofread our translations, but I leave that decision to each coordinator since we’re not sure whether these translations will be shipped or not.

I’ll update you when I get more solid information from the maintainers about postponing the release.


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