Re: Appdata translation

pt., 9 paź 2020 o 16:07 Thibault Martin <mail thibaultmart in> napisał(a):

Hello translators,

We do translate applications interfaces and documentation, but we do
not translate their appdata.
Given there are longer-term plans to build-up a flatpak-based kind of
app store, should we not translate appdata as well (as in: application
description, screenshot captions, maybe even screenshots themselves)?

Do we have everything we need infrastructure-wise to do it? Is this
something we intend to do at some point? And if yes, what do we need to
move ahead?


We do translate AppData. If a GNOME app doesn’t have AppData
translated, it’s a bug.

The only part of the Metainfo file we don’t expose to translation is
the change log. The consensus is that it would cost us too much
(time/resources etc.) compared to any potential gains.

Best regards,

Piotr Drąg

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