Re: Upcoming release of App Icon Preview

Hello Thibault, hello Bilal,

since May 21st 2020, my Croatian translation for "App Icon Preview" exists at, but the Croatian coordinator isn't releasing it. As I've had many discussions about the Croatian coordinator in the past at "gnome-i18n gnome org", maybe you can convince/ask him to release it, or even release it yourself.


28.07.2020., u 14:03, Thibault Martin <mail thibaultmart in> je napisao:

Hello translators,

I just had a quick chat with Bilal Elmoussaoui who maintains App Icon Preview.
We should expect a release soon (likely in a week). The strings haven't changed since the last release.

If you want to update, proofread and commit your translations, now is the best time :)

App Icon Preview on Damned Lies:

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