[bn-IN] Reincarnate Bengali (India) Translation Team

I want to bring to your notice that the current translation team of Bengali (India) is not active and hence not responding to any of the submissions/messages. Because of that there are lot of fuzzy, wrongly translated strings which awaits to be corrected from the last 4 years.
I have tried opening a bug report (https://gitlab.gnome.org/Teams/Translation/bn_IN/-/issues/1) 10 months ago but did not receive any response whatsoever.

Is it possible to disband the current translation team and rebuild the team with a fresh team since the currently assigned team seems probably not interested in translating GNOME software?
I will like to volunteer as a translator and a committer. I will also try to spread the message on how to translate GNOME as a localized blog post if possible.

Please stay safe during this pandemic.

Akarshan Biswas
System Administrator and FOSS contributor

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