Re: String update fails for gnome-control-center

În data de Vi, 24-07-2020 la 17:01 +0200, Claude Paroz a scris:
Le 24.07.20 à 13:39, Daniel Șerbănescu a écrit :
Hi Claude,

We (the Romanian team) still have issues commiting from Damned Lies
the following modules: gnome-packagekit, gst-debugger and gnome-

Regards, Daniel

Hopefully fixed now.

Hi again, Claude thanks for fixing gnome-packagekit. But gnome-control-
center still has issues left.

We can not commit from Damned Lies (either we get a 500 error or
nothing happens) ... and when I tried to push directly via git the git
client hanged with:
"remote: error: refname 'gnome-2-0-0' is ambiguous"
But the commit seems to be accepted by the server.

However the stats did not update in Damned Lies.


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