Re: String update fails for gnome-control-center

Hi Rafael,

I recreated the checkout from scratch and it seems to work again...


Le 23.07.20 à 16:25, Rafael Fontenelle a écrit :
Hi all,

I noticed a new string was not in the g-c-c module's PO file and also
noticed that the POT date was from July 20 (3 days ago), so I tried to
manually sync it by pressing the refresh button for master branch.
The following error message was displayed:

[Errno 1] Command: "if [ -e .gitmodules ]; then git submodule update
--init; fi", Error: fatal: reference is not a tree:
3a61bd9c6bc95f5418ef5376a99632d103162d49 Unable to checkout
'3a61bd9c6bc95f5418ef5376a99632d103162d49' in submodule path

This looks similar to the gnome-boxes issue[1], but not quite the same
error message.

Does anyone know where this report belongs to?


Best regards,
Rafael Fontenelle

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