Re: Please help a translator

Le 01.07.19 à 02:59, Milo Ivir a écrit :
The croatian commiter of the Gnome translation project isn’t commiting
my translations. Allthough I’ve asked him two weeks ago about the
status, I’m getting no answer, and the statuses of the files are still
„Translated”. As there is no croatian „Reviewer”, nothing is happening
with the files.

Hi Milo,

I would say it is not uncommon to have to wait some weeks before a
coordinator has the time to handle translations. Life makes us sometimes
very busy.
Goran, if at some point you don't have time left for your coordination
task in the longer term, feel free to report the situation so as we are
aware of a possible vacancy of the role.

Keep up the good work!


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