Please help a translator

Dear coordinators,

please help me to become a „Commiter” for the croatian language, or tell me how my translations can get commited. A month ago I’ve tried to commit my GIMP translations via GitLab (!83), which wasn’t possible, so I subscribed at Gnomes translation project. Until now, I’m only a croatian „Translator”. 

… during the past months I’ve translated several open source software into croatian (Inksape, Scribus, Gramps, Poedit, Gnucash, Gnucash for Andorid, many qt-files, wxWidgets, etc.) most of which where in poor state, commiting them through github, gitlab, transifex … currently I'm helping out at LibreOffice …

The croatian commiter of the Gnome translation project isn’t commiting my translations. Allthough I’ve asked him two weeks ago about the status, I’m getting no answer, and the statuses of the files are still „Translated”. As there is no croatian „Reviewer”, nothing is happening with the files.

I’ve translated the complete GIMPs stable package into croatian, as well as some other latex files and have sent them to the appropriate GNOME destination of the croatian team. Please check: and compare the percentages.

The state of my GIMP translations are appr. as follows:
97% => gimp
96% => gimp-plug-ins
100% => gimp-libgimp, gimp-python, gimp-script-fu, gimp-tags, gimp-tips, gimp-windows-installer

Most of the missing stuff is „explanatory” – strings which would be nice-to-have, but are not essential for the general usage in croatian language.

Other files:
100% => gedit-latex - gnome-3-20
100% => gedit-plugins - gnome-3-32 (just some corrections)
100% => gnome-latex - gnome-3-30
100% => gnome-font-viewer - master (just some corrections)

Any help/advice/information is welcome! Thank you. And sorry if this is the wrong place to ask for help.

Best regards,

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