Re: gnome-software for gnome 3.24

On 10 November 2016 at 01:22, Rafal Luzynski
<digitalfreak lingonborough com> wrote:
0. CC'ing Richard as the best person to answer.

Right, as I'm the guilty party :) I've added a bunch more translator
comments in
-- sorry for the confusion. I'm around in #gnome-hackers as "hughsie"
if anybody wants to ping me about tricky-to-translate things, or feel
free to email me directly.

- quotes are always “like this” and you can't change it as a translator,
  IMHO it's another bug.

Ohh, I was told it was standard to use “foo” across GNOME. I've asked
Allan and if he wants translated quotes I can easily mark them as


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