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Sorry for the late response.

25.10.2016 10:59 Fabio Tomat <f t public gmail com> wrote:

Hi all,
Due to some doubts I'd like to have some examples for these two strings
in gnome-software:

Unable to update %s from %s
Unable to upgrade to %s from %s

0. CC'ing Richard as the best person to answer.
1. Also please consider filing this as a bug:
   because other translators may have the same question and the details
   explaining what will be put in place of each "%s" should be provided
   as the translators comment.
2. Please note that I may be wrong but as much as I can tell the
   examples will be:

Unable to update Software from “Fedora” []
Unable to update “GNOME Software” from “Fedora”
Unable to update “org.gnome.Software.desktop” from “”

Unable to upgrade to Rawhide from “Fedora” []
Unable to upgrade to “Fedora 25” from “Fedora”
Unable to upgrade to “Fedora 26” from “”


- "update" applies to single applications (as well as extensions,
  libraries, etc.); "upgrade" applies to whole OS release;
- the first "%s" will be replaced with the application title
  which is an application name (quoted if contains spaces) or
  an application ID if a name is unavailable (always quoted);
- the second "%s" will be a title of the origin which may consist
  of the origin name (if present; always quoted) and the origin
  host name (again if present; always quoted if there is no name
  and always in square brackets if there is also a name), it may
  also be an ID if there is neither name nor hostname; note that
  the "origin" is also known as "repository" or "software source",
- quotes are always “like this” and you can't change it as a translator,
  IMHO it's another bug.

I hope that helps,


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