Re: New file-roller translation

Am 14.04.2016 um 14:48 schrieb Rafael Fontenelle:

Interlingua team exists [1]. The original poster informed the language
code 'ie', however the correct is 'ia' in the ISO 639 [2].

Interlingua (ia in ISO 639-1) and Interlingue (ie) are not the same.


Not to be confused with Interlingue, Interlanguage, or Interlingual
machine translation.
This article is about the auxiliary language created by the
International Auxiliary Language Association.

And from

Not to be confused with Interlingua or Occitan.
The language Occidental, later Interlingue, is a planned international
auxiliary language created by the Balto-German naval officer and teacher
Edgar de Wahl, and published in 1922.

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