Re: Manual push of some translations


Commit is done and i've posted the commit message in the comments of
each module.

Just for your information, I think D-L still doesn't support commiting
help files via web interface, so Git access is required. Maybe someone
from your language team can request Git access to the Coordinators
(they have permission to provide Git acess to team coordinators and
commiters). I'm not how it is working currently.

Best regards.

Rafael Ferreira

2015-06-07 9:24 GMT-03:00 Anders Jonsson <mailinglists norsjovallen se>:
I have problem with some Swedish trnalsations for help files that can't be
committed automatically from If someone could help with
committing these it would be much appreciated.

First is tali, which can't be uploaded due to adding new translations for
documentation not yet being supported.

This translation is against 3-16, but it would be great if it could be added
to master as well, so I don't have to repeat this request later.

The following three packages are more of a mystery. There are previous
translations, but for some reason they can't be modified. Example error
message for soundjuicer below:

[Errno 1] remote: translations user cannot modify 'help/sv/sv.po' To
ssh:// ! [remote rejected] master -> master
(pre-receive hook declined) error: failed to push some refs to

Translations with this problem:

Thanks in advance,
Anders Jonsson

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