Deckard: some news

Hi everyone,

I made two changes to Deckard ( ) that I
would like to share with you.

First, as Gil Forcada suggested, I implemented URL settings.
This is more understandable with an example.

A new PO file for Totem was uploaded yesterday for the Japanese
The merged PO name (as displayed on the page) is

Now, just click on the following link:
(you don't have to add the "locale" parameter)

The PO file is automatically retrieved, as if you just uploaded it
manually. You just have to click "Display" :-)

In fact it works for all PO files available from or

So, technically, links to Deckard can now be embedded on Damned lies (on
relevant module pages). It's not up to me to decide if it should be
implemented, but I think it would be useful.

Secondly, I made some (big) configurations changes on my server so that
users behind a firewall can now use Deckard (everything is now exposed
on port 80). However, if you are behind a proxy that filter websockets,
I'm afraid I can do nothing for you :-(

On top of that, I also added support for 8 new locales (more are yet to
come). Feel free to report a bug[1] if you think I might forget to add
yours ;-)

And that's it for now.
Feel free to share any question/suggestion and to dive into the code at !



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