Keyboard layouts in Gnome >= 3.8

Hi everyone,

Keyboard layout settings in gnome 3.8 (which I am using in Fedora 18)
are very trimmed down compared to gnome 3.6

I am also translating xkeyboard-config - so I really cannot find the
multitude of settings it presents in my current install.

For example - there are settings for Euro sign (and other currency
symbols), behaviour of CapsLock, positioning of keys, the possibility to
change the keyboard layout change key to something traditionally used
rather than a keyboard shortcut that will not work when the layout is
changed (because Latin characters are not available in Cyrillic layouts)

Is this part of the trimming down of settings, is this something Fedora
specific, or are we in some state of transition that will change for
gnome 3.10?

I am asking here because gnome-i18n people are most likely to have
stumbled upon this.

Kind regards:

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