Re: branch of Clutter for GNOME 3.8

El dv 18 de 01 de 2013 a les 09:27 +0000, en/na Emmanuele Bassi va
> hi all;
> I just wanted to let you guys know that I've created the clutter-1.14
> branch of Clutter for GNOME 3.8; translation updates should go in that
> branch and not in master.
> the master branch is what will become Clutter 2.0, and it'll see some
> major restructuring, so you can avoid translating it for a while.

Hi Emmanuele!

Much appreciated that you inform us so well in advance!

Someone (thanks!!) already updated it, so translators with git access,
be sure to push to clutter-1.14 branch!


> ciao,
>  Emmanuele.
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> W:
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Gil Forcada

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