Re: gnome-getting-started-docs

On Thu, 2013-01-10 at 18:37 +0100, Petr Kovar wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just added a new documentation module gnome-getting-started-docs to
> Damned Lies. At this moment, this is mainly to test that everything in /
> with DL works as expected.
> The purpose of this doc is to help new users get started in GNOME 3. This
> is the doc that shows up after you have finished setting up your system
> with gnome-initial-setup (already in DL).
> Please keep in mind that this is a new part of GNOME user documentation
> but is not yet officially included in GNOME 3 and is under heavy
> development. More real content is coming soon and I will let you know once
> it is ready.
> This doc is heavy on rich content, videos and illustrations. Note that
> strings included in video files and images are extracted to POT, and thus
> localizable as expected. While it is technically possible to render videos
> with translated strings, we will probably be unable to ship every
> translated video due to the overall package size. There are also some
> outstanding issues with the rendering process, especially with RTL
> languages. 
> To address this problem, I will implement subtitles for each video so that
> users can get translated content shown below the embedded videos.

One way we could address this is with language packs of videos.
We'd package the translated pages, subtitles and all, in the
main package, but split the translated videos into per-locale

I just added support for the Mallard Conditionals lang test
token[1] to Yelp, which means we could have something like
this on the index page:

<if:if test="!lang:C action:install"
  <p>You can watch these videos in your language if you install a
  language pack.</p>
  <p><link action="install:getting-started-cz" style="button">Make
  it so.</link></p>

This would only show up in translated versions (more precisely,
copies without an xml:lang attribute). Unfortunately, we don't
yet have a way to hide it after the package is installed.



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