Question about charset names

Does anyone know if there is a place where the names of charsets are
centrally localized? It does not appear to be part of the iso-code PO
files on the translate project. . . or at least these do not appear to
be coming from:

which is script names. Is there a PO file like that for encodings?

I'm looking at several word processing packages (e.g. LibreOffice and
AbiWord) and see subtle and essentially meaningless variation in the
way the charsets are listed in their PO files, so I am looking for a
tie-breaker to determine which one I need to pester about using
standard charset names.

It is menaingless differences like

Chinese Simplified, GB_2312-80


Chinese Simplified (GB_2312-80)

that only serves to make these strings less portable than they should
be across project lines.

Any guidance would be appreciated.  Just fyi, I looked in the CLDR
locales and I'm not finding a standardized list there either.

Sugar Labs Translation Team Coordinator

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