Re: Merging wip/clutter-1.99 in master

hi all;

a bit later than I expected, but I merged the wip/clutter-1.99 branch
into master — master is now open for the 1.99 development cycle, which
will lead to Clutter 2.0.

I also pushed the clutter-1.16 branch, which I expect is what will be
used for GNOME 3.10.

have fun!

On 30 March 2013 12:51, Emmanuele Bassi <ebassi gmail com> wrote:
hi all;

executive summary: last night I finally rebased the preliminary 1.99
branch on top of current master, and I'm planning to switch master to
it on Monday, barring unforeseen complications.

the wip/clutter-1.99 branch contains the initial work needed to move
towards Clutter 2.0; it removes all deprecated symbols (for a net
worth of 40 thousand lines of code removed from the repository), and
handles the fallout in the various pieces of the code base. as to
avoid breaking bisection, the commits should build separately — at
least, if you disable the test suite at configure time, since it's
mostly a mechanical job.

after the merge, master will be open to large refactorings which will
hopefully lead to 2.0. at the same time, I'll open another branch,
called clutter-1.16, for a transitional release cycle in case more
stuff has to be removed from master (and thus has to be deprecated on
the 1.x API line). this is, in essence, the same plan I had for 1.14,
only delayed by a cycle.

if you are using Clutter right now, I suggest you stick to the stable
clutter-1.14 branch, and eventually switch to clutter-1.16 if you want
to port to 2.0.

the plans for Clutter 2.0 are on the roadmap[0], but I expect that to
be edited/changed a bit after the GTK+ hackfest at the end of
April[1], considering that we want to move Clutter closer to GTK in
the future.





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