Re: Releasing Rhythmbox 2.97 this weekend

El dt 29 de 05 de 2012 a les 09:11 +1000, en/na Jonathan Matthew va
> Hi,
> I'm planning to release Rhythmbox 2.97 this weekend, 3rd of June at
> approximately 9:00 UTC. Strings are frozen until then, and translation
> updates would be much appreciated.
> thanks,
> -jonathan

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for taking care of letting us know. Just reviewing the
translations I noticed that there are quite a few <b></b> and
<span></span> strings that would be great if they could be removed (see
[1] for details).

Maybe not for this release, but maybe for the next release it would be
really cool to fix that.

There are scripts that allow you to update the strings also for the
translations too, ask in this mailing list (gnome-i18n) for pointers if
you need them.

Thanks for keeping this amazing music player! I'm all day long using
it ;)


Gil Forcada

[ca] - una xarxa lliure que no para de créixer
[en] - a non-stopping free network

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