Re: Strings winding up in the pot file without their translator =?UTF-8?Q?notes=3F=3F?=

On 05/19/2012 03:11 AM, Claude Paroz wrote:

You should at least published your temporary work to a branch anywhere,
so as we can see and reproduce your issue. It is difficult to answer
without even knowing the structure of your file.

Yeah, that would make sense, wouldn't it? ;) Sorry. I was tired and

I have committed to master one dummy string. What I see in the pot
file is:

    #: ../src/orca/
    msgid "Why won't the translator note appear like it normally does?"
    msgstr ""

What's in the code is:

    from orca.orca_i18n import _

    # Translators: This is a test string which you should not actually
    # translate. It is here so we can sort out whatever silly mistake
    # I am making which is preventing this translator note from showing
    # up in the .pot file. Sorry and thanks for your help!
string = _("Why won't the translator note appear like it normally does?")

Thanks and take care.

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