Re: gnome goals for 3.6

Hey Matthias.

On 05/15/2012 12:31 AM, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> At the release team meeting last weekend, we've discussed that we want
> to revitalize the Gnome Goals [1] effort by adopting a few goals for
> this cycle. We've chosen the following goals:
> GSettingsMigration
> XDGConfigFolders
> PortToGtkApplication
> PortToGMenu
> RemoveMarkupInMessages


> The last one was included because we want to include our translators,
> and make their life easier by improving the quality of our strings.

+1 I'm doing Orca's right now.

I suspect, however, what would make the lives of our translators even
easier than the elimination of markup is NoUnexplainedStrings. :) In
other words, all strings which we expect translated should have a
translator note explaining what that string is and means. Whether or not
that can be done in time for 3.6 is not for me to say. But I think it is
worthy of consideration as a GNOME Goal.

Take care.

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