BoF/Meeting at GUADEC 2012 on July 30

Hi all,

The GUADEC 2012 program was recently published and I'd like to announce here
that our Translation BoF proposal was accepted by the organizers.

The GNOME Translation Project BoF/Meeting will be held at GUADEC 2012 in A
Coruna, Spain on July 30, room 2.2b. The meeting should start at 10:00 am.
See the following page for detailed BoFs schedule:

Everybody is welcome to attend!

The BoF/Meeting wiki page with a proposed agenda is at:

We should structure the agenda well so that the event is well-organized,
unless we want an unconference. :-) Please feel free to edit the Events wiki
page and share your ideas on what topics we should focus on during the

See you at GUADEC!

Petr Kovar

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