Re: 3.2 Release Notes Available for Translation

I found a small error in the release notes, perhaps this can be fixed in the "english" translations:

#: C/rndevelopers.xml:102(para)
msgid ""
"The HTML backend <application>Broadway</application>, which renders in a "
"browser by using websockets, <ulink url=\"";
"alexl/2011/03/15/gtk-html-backend-update/\">has been improved</ulink> but is " "still experimental. This potentially allows you to either run your own apps " "on your server and access it from anywhere, or to put it on a public server " "that spawns a new instance of the application for every user. Note that this " "requires compiling GTK+ with <varname>--enable-x11-backend --enable-broadway-"
"backend</varname> and environment variable <envar>GDK_BACKEND</envar> at "

there is missing a space before has in "<ulink url=\"";

Regards Kenneth

PS: BTW Thanks Andre for running a tight ship (timely availability and few changes) with the release notes.

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