Re: bug 551859 - translating aisleriot card movement hints

Vincent Povirk <madewokherd gmail com> writes:
>> If proper gettext context is not supported, an old workaround is to use
>> msgstr "nominative|Queen of Spades"
>> and then have the programme strip off the "nominative|" part.
>> Although this is not considered a very good solution.  Also it would
>> be necessary with a comment instructing translators to ignore the part
>> "nominative|".
> I, er, don't think we can do comments either.

Yes you can. There is already quite much translator comments in the
Scheme files, e.g.


(define variation-names
        ; Translators: this string is the name of a variant of this game. If there is an established standard name for this game or game variant in your locale, use that; otherwise you can translate this string freely or literally, at your option.

This comment "; Translators: ..." shows up in the po files for the
translators by the current tool chain.

Tommi Vainikainen

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