Re: Eeeks! Another freeze break request for gnome-shell ...

El ds 17 de 09 de 2011 a les 13:57 +0900, en/na Johannes Schmid va
> Hi!
> > The patch adds a new user-visible string used in a notification. A
> > little bit of background: gnome-shell's user menu now has two controls
> > which interact - a switch to turn notifications off (formerly known as
> > "Busy") and a combo box to set the IM status. Now, when turning off
> > notifications, the IM status is set automatically to busy, which is not
> > exactly obvious (the reason being that without notifications, incoming
> > messages are easily missed). We would like to pop up a notification in
> > this case explaining the behavior.
> It adds two string (just for reference):
> +                Main.notify(_("Your chat status will be set to busy"),
> +                            _("Notifications are now disabled,
> including chat messages. Your online status has been adjusted to let
> others know that you might not see their messages."));
> As the IM status/Notification status in gnome-shell was a real mess in
> 3.0 I think that change might help a lot and as we still have one
> release candidate it should be enough time for the two strings.
> So 1 of 2 from i18n. But I think you should definitly ping the docs-team
> about it as this should be convered in the docs.

2/2 from i18n, quite late but quite important.


> Regards,
> Johannes
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