Re: LaTeXila: some questions


> A lot of strings of the *.po are the same as in gedit. To avoid 
> retranslating them, for creating a *.po for a new language, I take the 
> *.po of gedit instead of creating a new one from the *.pot. Then I 
> update the *.po with the *.pot and I delete the commented strings (which 
> are present in gedit but not in latexila). Is it possible to do that 
> automatically?

In general - don't do this. You never know if translation are really
simular even if the original strings are. Better leave a comment and let
the translator decide if he wants to reuse the strings.

> I think the easier is to use the autotools instead of CMake so it is 
> better integrated. But I'll need some information on how to handle the 
> XML file and the templates (*.tex). Is there a project with similar 
> needs?

its-tool[1] seems the way to go nowadays. It does only handle xml AFAIK.



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