Re: Effect names in gnome-video-effects

Hi Daniel!

"daniel g. siegel" <dgsiegel gnome org>, Sun, 30 Jan 2011 19:21:03 +0100:

> your wish is my pleasure:
> i created a gallery [1] with all the effects in the gnome-video-effects
> package, which will be updated when new effects come in. all effects
> have a comment, where you can find a link to the specific preview on
> that page. you can see this link in your .po file too.
> to preview a specific effect, just append #[filename] to the effects
> gallery url [1]. e.g. to preview the hulk effect just go to 
> i hope this makes translating easier for you!

Thank you! Added comment referencing the effects to:

Anyhow, some of these effects applied look really funny! :-)

Petr Kovar

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