Re: review gnome-extras/obsolete module sets


- GNOME3 platform and extended platform as a single D-L moduleset
- GNOME3 Core Desktop
- GNOME3 Applications (this one is the most fuzzier about which one goes
in and which ones goes out)
- GIMP and friends
- Productivity
- Others (not in any other previous moduleset defined above)
- freedesktop

What is productivity? And I think we should have "Features Applications" and "Other applications" because otherwise 100% in applications is difficult to reach and non-features applications might not follow string freeze.

That way platform Core Desktop is the new "aiming to 100%", Applications
being the second more important and platform, gimp, productivity and
others as the "translate them in-between releases".

Platform is important to translate because it contains all the stock items. You won't have a nice Desktop experience without platform...


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