Urgent: release notes are not easily found on the Gnome websites (and please think of the poor translators!)

Hi marketing team,

Congratulations with the Gnome 3 release and the nice web presence we
got ourselves for this shiny new release!

There is a problem, though: the release notes are not easily found on
the gnome.org or gnome3.org websites. I couldn't find a link at all
even. FYI, the release notes are published in many languages over here:


The release notes, compiled by Allan Day, contain lots of useful
information about Gnome 3. It would be a real shame if people can't find

Many translation teams have worked *very* hard to translate these.
Please don't underestimate the amount of effort translation teams have
put into translating this document. It would be very disappointing if
their work goes unnoticed.

So, my urgent question is: please make sure visitors of the Gnome
websites are pointed in the right direction!

(Please keep the gnome-i18n list Cc'ed, since many translators don't
read the marketing list on a regular basis. (I'm not subscribed myself

    — Wouter, Gnome i18n coordination team

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