Resigning as Persian localization coordinator

Hi all,

I have been the coordinator of the Persian localization team in GNOME
for quite a few years now (my first contribution to the Persian
translation of GTK+ dates to 2000).

In the recent months, the Persian localization team has been inactive.
This is because most of the former contributors to the Persian
localization effort are not contributing anymore. Personally, I
couldn't help much either, mostly because my continuing work on
improving the Unicode Standard and the other standardization work is
taking all my free time. And I don't see that changing for months to

In the recent months, some people have volunteered to do translation
work, but unfortunately, there was no volunteer for reviewing and
editing the new translations (although I frequently asked both the
experienced and the new volunteers to help with that). I really insist
on any Persian localization that gets committed to the GNOME
repository to have some review, and with the lack of reviewers, it
seems to me that we are stuck and can't continue the Persian
localization effort without sacrificing the quality of the

The only remaining possibility I see is resigning from the coordinator
role, hoping that resetting it could insert new energy into the
effort. For the last few weeks, I have been trying to convince the
experienced members of the team to take over the role, unsuccessfully.
I hope the new volunteers who will take up the effort can maintain the
quality of the existing Persian translations of GNOME, and wish them
the very best.

I will be unsubscribing from the gnome-i18n list immediately. Please
contact me at this email address if I could help with anything.

I will continue helping improve GNOME in other capacities, especially
the internationalization of its various libraries and applications. I
will also continue acting as the liaison between GNOME and the Unicode
Consortium, together with Behdad Esfahbod.

I wish the best to the wonderful community of GNOME localizers of
various languages, some of which have become personal friends. I also
wish to thank the FarsiWeb Project and later Sharif FarsiWeb Inc (with
their wonderful works Sharif Linux and now FarsiTel), who have
sponsored most of the work that went into GNOME's Persian
internationalization and localization effort.

Finally, I wish to thank the many contributors to the Persian
localization work, who did this high quality work and made possible
the first properly localized desktop environment in Persian.

So long, and thanks for all the fish,

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