Google Code-In for GNOME: We Need Tasks!

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some might remember Google's GHOP contest in 2007/08.
This year it will take place under the name Google Code-In (GCI) from
November 2010 to January 2011.

GCI is a "small sibling" of Google Summer of Code for highschool
students (13-18yrs) and with much smaller tasks in several fields (like
docu, code, translation, etc). The average amount of time to be spent
for a task should be about three days.
For more info please see

If you have an idea about a possible task, want to guide a student to
fulfil it and perhaps also want to get new contributors for your
project/area, please read and propose your
tasks at
         *** ***

For an idea of tasks that were available in 2007 see

Also some old (unused) tasks from 2009 are available at .
Mentors are encouraged to update them and move them to the Tasks
wikipage if they are still applicable/available.

(Google will announce the participating organizations after application
closing on Fri, 29th of October. Afterwards tasks will likely be moved
to Google's issue tracker.)

Happy Code-In hopefully,
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