xml errors in documentation

Hi language team coordinators

(Sorry for writing to the i18n list, but I think this is the easiest
way to reach every language - the alternative being making lots of bug

This is a breakdown of every xml error in every translated
documentation string in GNOME for those languages that have reasonable
(> around 10%) coverage of the documentation.  More precisely, every
message where the English string is valid xml, but the translation is
not.  You may want to fix them as this probably means the messages are
not displayed correctly in the help documents.

Here's the list of numbers of errors for each language (if it's zero,
ignore this :)):

./eu/summary.txt:Total errors 0
./ja/summary.txt:Total errors 2
./el/summary.txt:Total errors 3
./gl/summary.txt:Total errors 22
./ko/summary.txt:Total errors 9
./it/summary.txt:Total errors 6
./de/summary.txt:Total errors 14
./zh_CN/summary.txt:Total errors 27
./sv/summary.txt:Total errors 1
./es/summary.txt:Total errors 19
./fr/summary.txt:Total errors 22
./en_GB/summary.txt:Total errors 0
./fi/summary.txt:Total errors 25
./pt_BR/summary.txt:Total errors 8
./ru/summary.txt:Total errors 10
./uk/summary.txt:Total errors 8
./cs/summary.txt:Total errors 3
./bg/summary.txt:Total errors 3
./hu/summary.txt:Total errors 4
./ca/summary.txt:Total errors 5
./pt/summary.txt:Total errors 0
./da/summary.txt:Total errors 9

The total number of errors is 182.

The specific location of each error can be found by consulting the
text files located here (note that some browsers may assume the wrong
encoding; in that case you may wish to download the file):


The xml checks were performed with the utility gtxml from pyg3t  (in
case you want to run your own xml checks subsequently):

Best regards
Ask Hjorth Larsen
Danish translation team

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