Re: Complaint of the Slovak coordinator

Ühel kenal päeval, E, 2010-05-17 kell 02:16, kirjutas helix84:
> On Mon, May 17, 2010 at 02:04, Mattias Põldaru <mahfiaz gmail com> wrote:
> > Ühel kenal päeval, P, 2010-05-16 kell 21:55, kirjutas helix84:
> > Not to waste any resources (which voting one or the other out would do,
> > not sure about Marcel, but Peter probably would leave because of that,
> > just my impression), you could have two subteams, both coordinate their
> > work to their best.
> As I understand what you wrote, you may have missed that Peter was
> already elected. This topic was raised because current coordinator
> refused to step down.
> > Set up local svn server and give any translator account and the right to
> > commit there. When commit is done, the server sends emails with diff [1]
> > to the team. Anyone can review and respond.
> >
> > Let's say Peter is the first warden of svn for he's subteam and when he
> > responds to an e-mail of diff with "approved to be committed upstream"
> > message, Marcel either commits it as it is without reading, or if he
> > stumbles upon mistakes, he could ask these to be fixed.
> Basically, nothing prevents this workflow currently as Peter has had
> reviewer rights for some time. The problem is translations are stuck
> in the "Committing" state because Marcel won't commit them without
> going through them completely.
> Even in the case you suggested the bottleneck remains. But this was
> not the only issue with the current coordinator.

No-no. The main idea was that he would give up the head reviewer role
for some amount of modules, so whenever your subteam head says some of
your modules is ready, it is to be committed or mistakes pointed out in
reasonable time (whatever time you agree upon, three workdays?).

What this also means, is that Peter would then be responsible for the
quality of he's subteam modules. So I bet you will have hard times with
all the fixing, because I have no doubt Peter will bring reviewing to a
whole new level both speed and quality wise.

Also you could have nice and friendly race for quality among teams :)

With best regards

> Regards,
> ~~helix84

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