Re: Testing help files

Hi Aleksander,

2010/3/2 Aleksander Łukasiewicz <aleksander lukasiewicz net>:
> Seems to work this way, but I would like to convert multiple files (there
> are over 40 .page files in the empathy help folder). Is there a way to do
> it?

When I need to test translations I use a small hand-made script that
for every .page file in C, it creates the corresponding translated
.page file.
Unfortunately I don't have the script here with me at the office, but
it goes in something like this:

for i in `ls PATH_TO_FILES` do

(plus some tests to check if it's a file or not)

> Additionally, I cannot open the .page file with yelp. "yelp"
> doesn't open the file. How can I open the .page files with yelp?

You don't have to provide Yelp with the file name, just do, if you are in
the C directory:
yelp ./

yelp `pwd`/

I just have to provide Yelp with the path to the directory containing

(probably these instructions should be written down under the
DocumentationProject on l.g.o...)

Hope it might help.


Milo Casagrande <miloc gnome org>

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