Re: (non-GNOME)

Am Mittwoch, den 18.08.2010, 10:15 +0200 schrieb Claude Paroz:
> The TP uses a different workflow than transifex. Files you submit are
> not automatically committed to the module repository.
> Damned-Lies will only be updated once the maintainers will have manually
> committed the files from the TP in their repository. There is nothing
> else we can do.

Perhaps we could do something else, depending on the abilities of
Vertimus. All the files submitted to the TP are available in »textual
domains« in a special database, independent from the various Git and SVN
repos of the certain modules. Would it be possible to use this database
[1] instead? In the current situation, we cannot really track the status
of the TP modules. But with the described way, we could.

On the other hand, all the changes in the appropriate repositories
couldn't be tracked anymore. Then Vertimus has to track the current *.po
files as provided from the TP robot.

Or we use a »mixed mode«. Vertimus tracks the changes in the Git and SVN
repos as usual. But before it provides the status in the D-L pages, it
should compare the merged files with the current files in the »textual
domain« database. Or any other idea how to improve the tracking...?



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