Re: String freeze break request for Vinagre

Le vendredi 20 mars 2009 à 12:42 -0300, Jonh Wendell a écrit :
> Hello, guys.
> I fixed bug . The bug is that Vinagre allows you to create two itens in bookmarks with the same name. This would lead to a confusion.
> I really would like to have this fixed for 2.26.1, as I do not consider it as 'trivial, can wait'.
> So, the fix introduces two new strings:
> => The name "%s" is already used in this folder. Please use a different name.
> This one is exactly the same as found in nautilus. (Maybe it helps the cut&paste)
> => Invalid name for this item
> This one is marked as fuzzy, because it's similar to an existing vinagre string: "Invalid name for this folder".
> So, may I commit the fix?

Being early in the 2.26.1 cycle, I'd be open to such an addition.
i18n approval 1 of 2.


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