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Am Mon, 15 Jun 2009 11:35:45 +0200 schrieb Kenneth Nielsen:
> However, we're unsure how graphics/pictures are translated.
> One possibility for handling localised graphics/pictures is the one
> currently used for the software documentation. It has the obvious
> advantage that we (translators) know it. So what happens is that in a
> "po" folder there is a subfolder "C" that contains the orginals, the
> english files, within that is another subfolder "figures" that contain
> the figures used in the documentation. So what we do to localise them is
> that under the po folder we create a subfolder for our language "da" and
> under that we create a similar subfolder called "figure" and then we
> simply place localised graphics/pictures in that folder with names
> identical to the originals, and then they will automaticalle get used.
> Since this structure is already used with xml2po I guess it would be
> easy to extend.

This is very valuable input to me, thanks a lot!

> The "untranslated marker" is removed as soon as one translation is
> pushed.
>> If someone changes the English item the translated item isn't
>> overwritten anymore. They may get out of sync until translation team
>> uploads the updated translation again.
> Is that an established policy for the GNOME website? I'm only asking

No. It was my idea how to deal with it.

> because I am coruous, not necessarily because I disagree. You should
> just know that for software and help pages they both revert to the
> english string if the english string is updated and the translation not
> yet updated, so the policy is that accuracy in the strings take priority
> over having the localised. Now I know it makes sense for software and
> documentation, but I'm not so sure for a website, someone needs to think
> about this, if they haven't already.

If this is the case I'd take the same process for the website!

> My guess would actually be that it would be better to adopt this policy
> for the website as well. I can see that if translators are only a small
> commit, or a few months late in commiting an updated translation, then
> it makes sense to keep the translated string even if it is slightly
> outdated. But the reality of the translation world is the often enough
> it will take more time. Translating the GNOME website, even though I
> think it is important, will not be first (or even second) on our/my
> prioritised list as compared to software and documentation, and that
> means that as soon as we run low on resouces it will be one of the first
> ting to suffer. Also there is the possibility that some newly started
> laguages simply give up. In between these two options we may be looking
> at seriously outdated massages. I don't think it is fair to ask the
> users to figure that out on their own, and go to the english site for a
> newer version. Therfore, bottom line, I think that updated english
> messages should overwrite outdated translated ones.

I got it. I updated the proposal, please look again at the "Possible 
Process" section at

thank a lot!

Jens W. Klein - Klein & Partner KEG - BlueDynamics Alliance

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