Aptitude Compile PO Help


I'm translating the aptitude user guide to spanish, and I was wondering
if anybody here will like to proofread it. So far, I have translated
around 500 strings. I know it's a lot, so if I'm lucky enough to receive
more than one person's help, I can split the job. 
The updated PO (now on mercurial it has only 200 strings translated)
should be available in the following days, once jens checks and uploads
the po I just sent. If you are interested, just say and I'll tell you
when it's available and what lines to read.

On the other hand, I'm translating some UI elements as well, and I would
like to know how to compile it with the new po, not the one downloaded,
to check that what I write fits in the buttons, fluid enough, etc. Also
because I would like how to do it with other programs when it comes to
translate them.
I'm familiar with the regular procedure (configure (resolve dependencies
for compilations), make..... etc), just don't know how to do it with a
new po. Or how to install two versions of the same program (so far I'm

Thanks for the help.


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