Re: wrong translations of gconf key values

On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 10:07 PM, Jorge González González <aloriel gmail com> wrote:
El mié, 28-01-2009 a las 18:55 +0100, Andre Klapper escribió:
> Dear translators,
> Gconf key values should not be translated to your language only (by
> dropping the original english string) because it makes it impossible for
> users to set them manually, e.g. by using gconf-editor.
> That is what the literal quotes should imply, see
> .
> Example:
> msgid "Possible values are \"always\", "\"bonded\"."
> bad msgstr "Los valores posibles son: «siempre», «vinculados».
> good msgstr "Los valores posibles son: «always» (siempre), «bonded» (vinculados)."
> I've grep'ed the evolution po files and found 37 wrong po files.
> Nautilus: 21 po files. Epiphany: 20 po files.
> While I'm going to file bug reports for the rest of the evening I ask
> you how to avoid this. :-)
> To me it's obvious by looking at the filename of the string (ending with
> "") that these values should not be translated, but to lots
> of other translators it's not.
> In aloriel proposes to
> add a comment to each of these strings.
It would be even nicer if the translation software gives you a hint
about this, I know it makes this kind of software very dependant on
GNOME, but we could have a plugin for it.

I'm CCing Pablo and Nacho for this issue.

A plugin doing that in gtranslator would be really easy to do,

> Other opinions/comments?
> andre
Jorge González González <aloriel gmail com>

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