Re: What can Git do for translators?

Jumping in to this discussion at some random point:

I think that DVCSes can add value to localizers. In particular for projects that have in-development l10n, but probably for other projects, too.

The main value a DVCS gives to localizers is coming from exposing the history of the original language, though. I can see good value in exposing localizable strings to the localizer in changesets as they were added to the original language, as they're likely going to belong to the same context. So while going through a file of localizable strings from top to bottom, you would have to go through several context switches, going through the localizable strings patch-wise might come with less contex switches.

That of course is more of a job and an opportunity for translation tools than anything else.


2009/1/7 Leonardo F. Fontenelle <leonardof gnome org>
Em Ter, 2009-01-06 às 15:24 +0000, Simos Xenitellis escreveu:
> Hi All,
> There is a discussion on the gnome developer mailing lists regarding a
> possible move from Subversion (SVN) to a Distributed Version Control
> System (DVCS) such as git, which is already used for the Linux kernel,
> Perl, some libraries such as clutter. This post is to help contribute
> to the discussion.
> [...]

As a translator I can't see any benefit in a distributed VCS. We work
with _the_ version with _the_ strings; heck, we have even string

Regular translators shouldn't use svn already, because damned lies realy
adds value to the repository (updated message catalogs, alerts,
statistics etc.). But someone must commit the translations, and that
would be the team leaders and a few more translators.

If damned-lies ever learns to commit translations and "translated" and
other stuff, then translators shouldn't have to care about the VCS.
Otherwise, I wouldn't like to have to learn git or bzr.

Leonardo Fontenelle

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