Italian team facing problems

Hi all,

I'm writing this email to expose a problem that I am, and even the
Italian team is, facing in this period. I would have preferred to
resolve this issue internally, but looks like I have no other choice.

First problem:

I applied for a translator SVN account in September 2008, asking our
coordinator for the go or no-go for my account. Unfortunately, I have
never heard back from him, even after writing him more than once (I'm
CCing him on this email).

Second problem:

In our team we have two people with commit rights: one is obviously the
coordinator, the other one is Luca Ferretti.

In the last period most of the commits (or at least a big part) have
been done by Luca, but now we are facing a (big) problem: Luca is
without computer (dead broken) for an undefined period of time. This
leaves us with nobody with commit rights: I have to assume this since
the coordinator is not responding. I raised this problem even inside our
mailing list, but I had no answer.

Any help or advice you have or would like to share is welcome.

Thank you.

Milo Casagrande <milo casagrande name>

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