Re: [URGENT] wrong gconf key description in gnome-session

Dan Winship wrote:
Matthias Clasen wrote:
Sounds fine to me to change the wrong key name. But is the description
factually true ? The last time I checked, gnome-session would not
nautilus back when I killed it, until I added the autorestart key to
the nautilus desktop file.

It's poorly-worded. It's supposed to mean "even if you remove nautilus
from your session, gnome-session will start it next time you log in anyway".
You meant, nautilus will not restart itself before re-login itself. If it is, this is serious regression.

nautilus, metacity, gnome-panel are 3 major component of the GNOME desktop that is special. It should always restart itself when they crashed. One simply reason for that is: there is no simple way of starting manually, they are not on any of the menu. The only way to statr them manually is
through command line, and that really SUCKS!

-- Dan
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