[Fwd: Virtaal 0.3 release candidate 1]

To accompany the release candidate of the Translate Toolkit, we now have
a release candidate of Virtaal 0.3. Virtaal is a translation tool for PO
and other file formats. I think it will become a well suited translation
tool for many GNOME translators.

In the message below you can find information about where to get this
testing version, and the POT file. We will be very happy if some of you
can translate Virtaal into the missing languages. Please coordinate on
#pootle on irc.freenode.net or the translate-devel mailing list.

Virtaal doesn't yet expose the pofilter quality checks, but for somebody
that wants to get started on programming that, I can give some pointers
(I will be at FOSDEM 2009 if you want to meet in person).

Keep well

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Onderwerp: [Translate-devel] Virtaal 0.3 release candidate 1
Datum: Mon, 02 Feb 2009 21:52:15 +0200

Hallo everybody

Thank you for all the feedback we got on the beta of Virtaal 0.3.
Virtaal 0.3 is ready to be released, and on our way to the release, I
built a release candidate for your testing. It is available here:


The Windows installer contains everything you need to install Virtaal.
The .tar.bz2 file depends on the newest Translate Toolkit (available at
the same location), and the dependencies mentioned on the Virtaal

Bugs can be reported here:

Since beta1 we reworked the menus and the handling of languages. You
will see that good things automatically happen if you select the correct
language pair in the bottom of the window.  Everybody who ever wanted to
make use of Open-Tran.eu in a productive way - I think you will like
what we did in Virtaal. Of course, all the features are documented here:


We currently have complete interface translations for these languages:
Afrikaans, Arabic, English, Spanish, Basque, French, Dutch.
The following languages are present, but not complete vir 0.3:
Portuguese (Brazil), Swedish, Zulu

The POT file is still available here:

Even if a translation is submitted after the release, it will still be
incorporated into the next version.

Keep well

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