Re: [Localizar] Leaving the coordination of Galician Language

On 3/27/09, Suso Baleato <suso baleato xunta es> wrote:
>  > > Three months after my request I didn't receive SVN access or message denying
>  > > it. So this is what I plan to do in order to contribute with a full galician
>  > > translation of 2.26:
>  > > - Asking again for SVN access
> Doing. So: I'd like to ask again about my request on obtaining SVN access,
>  in order to asumme effectively the coordination of the Galician Localization
>  Team.
>  Could we proceed with that?
>  In case of nick validity, form filling or any other question must be solved
>  before, please tell me and I'll do.

Please see for possible reasons


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