Re: Can we add avahi to d-l?

Le lundi 01 septembre 2008 à 21:41 +0200, Robert-André Mauchin a écrit :
> Hello,
> Disclaimer: I work for the Fedora Translation team too.
> Petr, I can't let you say that the current situation/Fedora sucks.
> Currently, Transifex instance on FP is a common infrastructure for
> various project, and the registration is open. So, although I agree that
> translation process should be set on the TP, as you've said before,
> we're talking about now and not the future. And now, the TP platform is
> not very practical for translators and for developers, as opposed to
> Transifex.
> So I think you have a problem with that situation because its a
> Fedora-branded server. If it was on the TP server, it would be the same
> situation : you'll have to register, sign some paper with your key and
> integrate a team. And this is not /downstream/, translation is sent to
> the upstream VCS, so all distro gets it.

Translations for cross-distro packages should *never* happen downstream,
be it Fedora, Ubuntu, OpenSuse, or whatever.

With a tool like Transifex, I understand there can be an abstraction
layer between the translation project and the real repository, but it's
currently not the case as the only Transifex instance is downstream.


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