Re: New team for [Lao] ([lo])" as the subject

Ok Sir

Thanks For Information


On Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 5:51 PM, Christian Rose <menthos gnome org> wrote:
On 10/29/08, Lao Ubuntu Team <laoubuntu gmail com> wrote:
> My name is Outhai SAIOUDOM. i'm trying to look for Lao team on Gnome but
> There is no team for Lao language is listed in GNOME I18n site and I would
> like to request for new team,
> I have a small team working with translating Ubuntu, some friends at
> National University of Laos and some volunteers.
> My Email is : laoubuntu gmail com
> The url is a part of Lao Open Source ( Lao Ubuntu ) initiative at:

Hi, could you perhaps work together with Anousak Souphavanh
<anousak gmail com>? Please see

As Claude said, even if there is no
page yet, either of you can start contributing to the page by opening bug reports at[lo],
attaching your translations to those bug reports, and asking people to
commit those translation for you.

When there has been translations contributed, a translation team can
be discussed on this list.



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