Placing "Others" menu item at the end of the list


Ref: bug #560119

In the main menu under applications, there are a number of entries:
"Accessories", "Others", "Programming", etc...

When translated for Arabic, the word "Others" has the highest order,
and thus by default, it is placed first in the list.

This is less than satisfactory, it would be more logical to have
"Others" at the end of the list, after "Accessories", "Systems tools",
and the rest of them. I've had multiple complaints about this.

One solution is to place "Others" by default at the end of the list
for all languages. Does this seem like a weird solution to you?

Obviously, there is the argument of whether to order them strictly
alphabetically or logically. But for this one menu item "Others", it
seems to me that it is much more logical and appealing to have that
item at the end of the list.



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