Re: Missing language teams from Mango

On Tue, Jul 08, 2008 at 11:56:38PM +0530, Runa Bhattacharjee wrote:
>> I don't get 'reinstated'. Nobody's account has been revoked.
> The discussion here is not about "account revocation". But about  languages 
> missing from the Mango list. And that definitely is a bug. Either on Mango 
> or due to a flaw in the GTP account system or due to some missing bits on 
> the part of the language team. And that bit needs to be documented. There 
> are some specific scenarios here which would require separate handlers. :

It is not a bug. It is not possible ATM as it hasn't been implemented.
It needs development work.

> 1. New Team just starting off, without any kind of accounts (coordinator or 
> team member) - Where is the account request for the first account to be 
> sent and what are the checklist items that need to be completed to get the 
> account? e.g. Pashto

When Mango allows it, in Mango. Depending of course on what is needed,
SVN or just an LDAP. At for SVN, check if the language is there. If not,
mail accounts  

In future, GTP spokepersons should be able to vouch for new LDAP
accounts, and edit the voucher list shown on Mango. One thing that
doesn't work ATM as well is that existing LDAP accounts cannot request
additional permissions (e.g. new language starts off, only gets just
LDAP.. later wants SVN... not possible do request via Mango ATM).

> 2. Existing Team with translations, without co-ordinator account due to a 
> change in co-ordinator - Where is the account request for the first account 
> to be sent and what are the checklist items that need to be completed to 
> get the account? e.g. Marathi

When Mango allows it, in Mango. One day the existing coordinator should
first approve the account of the new coordinator, then change the
coordinator for the language to the new coordinator. This all within
Mango. Again, that hasn't been developed at this stage.

> 3. Existing Team with translations, with co-ordinator account, not listed 
> in Mango - Where does a team member send the request for an account? e.g. 
> Gujarati, Bengali-India

accounts gnome org

In future, GTP spokepersons would edit those details.

> None of these above cases can be handled by the only documentation 
> available to the GTP volunteers at present, which are:

Mango is *new*. It doesn't solve everything ATM. It needs works and I'm
working on it. I don't maintain above documentation. When all the
pieces have been implemented, then I'll document. I want to avoid
documentating stuff that aren't possible ATM.

> Languages teams are right now hitting a blind alley at the New Accounts 
> interface on Mango if any of the above 3 conditions exist.

that is why you can always mail accounts gnome org

>>> "team-gets-listed-if-svn-account-exists-for-coordinators"  is still in    
>> Timeline? I don't get paid to work on GNOME. So I can't give a timeline.
>> Especially as I still have to learn Django, LDAP schema stuff, etc.
>> If more people help, it will go faster. Of course, ideally I'd like it
>> to be finished in a few months. But that is not a promise plus it might
>> be fixed faster (no idea).
>>> place). Some of these language teams have been around for nearly 5-6 
>>> years, highly active, have a larger group of volunteers and have also 
>>> gone through changes in coordinatorship. Most of the individual language 
>>> team bugs have been closed with an outright NOTABUG resolution, without 
>>> any clarification of what we are doing wrong and/or what is to be done 
>>> next.
>> I think I explained everything. The Mango component is for bugs in
>> Mango. Not about getting people an account.
>> If you want to help, ask me what is needed and submit patches.
>> Discussion won't speed anything up.
>> If someone is at GUADEC, just talk to me. That'll be much easier and
>> faster.
>> In short: Mango is a tool to make the accounts gnome org queue handling
>> automated. If Mango doesn't do something, there always is the email
>> address (which currently is even handled every weekend or so).
>> Currently people will be pretty much lost if they're forgot their Mango
>> password etc, I have ideas about solving that. But don't have time, I
>> work on more stuff on GNOME than Mango, etc.
> Irrespective of what happens beyond the abstracted layer for the accounts 
> queue handling/admininstration, the translation teams can only meet 
> specific instructions as per whatever is the current process as determined 
> and documented by the GTP to get an account.

Perhaps add a: 'For cases 1/2/3, mail accounts gnome org' ?


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