Re: Rethinking "Supported language"

Op Dinsdag 2008-02-19 skryf Wouter Bolsterlee:
> Dear all,
> Currently, states that a language is officially
> "supported" if 80% of the PO files is translated. I think this measure is no
> longer valid for modern Gnome releases, because of the 'Development Tools'
> suite. It contains the following modules:


> My proposal is: only use the modules from the developer platform, desktop
> and administration tools when calculating the 80% coverage statistic (i.e.
> all module sets but the developer tools).
> What do you think?
>   mvrgr, Wouter

My "team" is now at less than 15% for 2.22. Obviously I won't even
consider translating these ever (or let's be positive: in the
foreseeable future :-)

There are of course other modules that I consider to be in the same
category, and other people might not agree with me. Things like
libbonobo and Glib for example.

While GNOME grows, catching up from less than 15% might be impossible
for a single person with limited time, and ideally we should find ways
of making this limited time have the biggest possible impact. In
reality, exactly which 20% of the whole is untranslated, can have a big
effect on the end-user experience. --help text for example, is not
really that important for many users.

Anyway, just some extra thoughts. In other words, I agree, Wouter!


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