Re: Damned Lies and Bugzilla

Le vendredi 08 février 2008 à 12:59 -0500, Og Maciel a écrit :
> Hey there,
> Today I had a nice chat with Jonh Wendell, and as we discussed about
> the translations for pt_BR and trying to figure how who was doing
> what, he came up with the following idea:
> * Would it be possible to display in damned lies if a given package
> has an *open*  bug (i.e. translation patch) associated with it?
> (Perhaps) Just a tiny little icon in front of the package name and
> stats so one can just quickly browse the list and find out that
> someone has already filed a bug against a
> package. The icon/link/whatever would then take you to the proper
> bugzilla report.
> [bugzilla icon] [download icon]  pessulus   	100% (30/0/0)
> Currently we rely on a wiki page where people add their names to the
> packages they're currently working on. But this is a PITA to maintain,
> specially if the package has already been committed and new strings
> are then added to it.

The middle-term solution to help local teams to coordinate work is to
integrate in Damned Lies an app like Vertimus, the tool used by French
[1] translators.

Stéphane has already i18n'ized the app. The next step is to Pythonized
it :-)


[1] Part of the French world domination plan

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